We offer a line of supplements by Standard Process. These high quality, whole food supplements offer far superior nutrition than standard synthetic vitamins and are recommended by the doctor if indicated by her assessment.

Cost varies per supplement. Please call for details.

Spenco thinsole orthotics are available to address such conditions as pes planus, plantar fascitis, knee pain, hip pain, and low back pain. Spenco orthotics are comfortable, high quality orthotics that fit comfortably into your shoes, are easily transferred from one pair of shoes to another, and are very reasonably priced at $30.

If you prefer custom molded orthotics or sandalthotics, we will cast them for you and have them custom made through a highly reputable company, Footlevelers.

Portable TENS units are available for purchase for home use. These units are useful in treating muscular conditions and providing pain control. They are small, lightweight, and portable and are available for the low price of $80.